Rides to and from services are available on Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. During Breakfast Club, rides from the restaurant to the school will be given.

The Gathering is Chosen Student Ministries Wednesday night service. The Gathering begins immediately after school with a time of hang out & homework. Students have the opportunity to shuttle straight from WHS & WMS to the Church. If they have other engagements, the bus makes another trip to pick up students at about 5:00. Starting at 6:45 we begin with pre-service prayer to prepare our hearts for the service to come. At 7:00 we kick-off with Worship, games and The Word of God. The Gathering comes to a close at 8:30 and students can have a ride home if they need. To receive a ride to or from The Gathering, and for answers to any questions you may contact Pastor MacKenzie.

Upcoming Events

Click on the image to the left to get access to Kansas Youth Ministries information on events. You can also print release forms and get full schedules on each district event that Chosen Student Ministries attends.

All grades 6-12 are welcome. As it says in Matthew 11, come as you are. We want you and all of your imperfections. You are CHOSEN in God's eyes.

The Double Portion is a group of students who desire to take their faith to the next level. Any student can apply at any point in time to join the team. Upon joining the team, students are given additional opportunities to grow in Christ as a group. Students will meet regularly to discuss personal faith and the overall health of Chosen Student Ministries. These are not people who want to go into "full-time ministry", these are students who actively want to serve Christ for the remainder of their lives.


Talk with MacKenzie or Ryan for additional info.

MacKenzie Witzke


Ryan Witzke


AfterGlow is a casual place to hang out and continue to soak in Jesus. There is no doubt in our minds that as Jesus walked from place to place with the disciples, he was joking and laughing with them. This aspect of good, clean fun brings our group together as a family. AfterGlow takes place at a number of different locations. It is wise to bring a little money in case we get food and it is wise to dress appropriately for weather. Students will need a ride to and from AfterGlow.

Breakfast Club is an opportunity to gear up for the school day with some scripture. Coming together at a fast food restuarant to talk about Jesus publicly, is part of what we believe creates our family atmoshpere. The students need a ride to the specified restaurant, then they are given a ride to WHS and WMS. By the time they arrive at school, they have the word of God in their hearts and their accountability partners by their sides. 

Pastor MacKenzie and Pastor Ryan serve as your mentors and friends in Chosen Student Ministries. Both MacKenzie and Ryan agree that the most exciting part of serving is seeing a lost heart be found. MacKenzie and Ryan are available for all of your needs and their home is always open. If you have not attended Chosen Student Ministries on a Wednesday night or would like to meet with MacKenzie or Ryan, get in contact with them and they would love to sit down with you.

info@gracepointeag.com | 620.221.1064 | 902 East 7th Ave, Winfield, KS 67156 | PO Box 275

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