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Pastor Nathan Cook, Cheryl, Zach, Skyler, Sage and Kendall

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Thane Mettling

Cheryl Cook

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Jennifer Webster

Amy Winslow

Pastor Nathan, Cheryl and the family have been the pastors at GracePointe since November of 2014. Nathan having had a stroke in 2010 is a walking miracle of God and serves full-time as Pastor and interim youth pastor. Cheryl works as the Women's Ministry Director and substitute teaches with USD 465. Pastor Nathan and Cheryl have a strong faith and desire to bring all of Winfield to the saving knowledge of Christ. Zachary, their oldest, and his wife Bethany, are youth pastors in Stockton, Kansas. Skyler, their oldest daughter, is serving with a missionary in the Ivory Coast of Africa. Sage is their middle daughter, is very creative and will befriend all! And Last but not least, Kendall is their youngest girl  and is full of life, and joy!

Pastor Nathan – 620.253.2243 | Cheryl – 620.253.2045

Thane Mettling serves as your Men’s Ministry Director. Thane also work for USD 465. Thane and his wife Dana also serve as Officers on the GracePointe Board. The Mettlings have established themselves in Winfield. Thane enjoys golfing, fishing and most importanly the Church. Thane desires to see the Men of Winfield following Christ. Thane strives to give back to Winfield by allowing opportunities for the Men in the group to serve the community.

Thane – 620.222.4917

Cheryl Cook serves as your Women’s Ministry Director.  Cheryl is the perfect person to lead the Women’s Ministry because her heart is to love women and to see that they love themselves and God! In addition to this, Cheryl was previously the director of a large Day-Care in Dodge City, KS and loves working with Children and is a big part of Children's Ministry at GP. Outside of the church, Cheryl substitute teaches for USD 465. Cheryl loves ministry and desires to see people of all ages comes to Christ.  

Cheryl – 620.253.2045


Amy Winslow leads GP KIDS.  Amy, having two of her own children (twins) is a professional mom! She enjoys getting to to teach the small people of GracePointe and watching them grow into young teens. She says the most rewarding part is to see the young ones begin to understand just how much Jesus loves them.

 Amy – 620.262.7339

Jennifer Webster is your Nursery Director. Jennifer and her husband Luke and their six children are heavily involved in all things GracePointe! Jennifer and Luke have three biological children and three adopted children from China. Each of their older kids have a heart for babies and for adoption because of the example of love they have seen in their parents and their siblings. Jennifer is the perfect mother to be involved and leading the Nursery at GracePointe. A child is always loved when they are under the care of Jennifer and the team.

Jennifer – 620.218.4578

Your GracePointe Church Officers include:Thane and Dana Mettling, Luke and Jennifer Webster, Brent and Biz Mettling and Miron and Linda Taylor. You will not find a more solid or wise group of people. The men and women named are constantly seen tending to the needs of the body and living out Jesus’s calling on their lives. The couples also range in age allowing for fresh insight and solid wisdom. This group of people is always open to hearing the ideas of the body and their only desire is to see people come to Christ.

To contact a church officer, please contact the church office – 620.221.1064

This is not an up to date picture, so you may wonder who is who. we are in the process of updating things here at Gracepointe! please be patient with us! :)


Your College and Career Pastors

Thane and Dana Mettling, Miron and Linda Taylor, Luke and Jennifer Webster, and Brent and Biz Mettling

Brent and Biz Mettling

Brent and Biz Mettling serve as our College and Career Pastors as well as interim youth pastors. Their focus is to reach young adults between the ages 18-30. There goal is to come along side college students and be a practical help to them, but also to help them keep their faith through the transitional period of college. Also, Biz and Brent have made it a point to reach out to those transitioning from college to life. In Brent and Biz you will find fun, kindness, generosity and lots of Jesus. They have three children, serve on the worship team and in children's ministry, and are passionate about the Kingdom. 

Brent - 620.222.4244

Biz - 620.213.3069 | 620.221.1064 | 902 East 7th Ave, Winfield, KS 67156 | PO Box 275

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