Teacher- Nathan Cook.

Class- Gracepointe 101.

During the next three months, you will learn about all things Gracepointe, what we believe, how we operate, and how we can flourish in this family culture that we have built. At the center of it all is God the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. We believe in everything the Bible declares. The truth of the word is what we rely on!

A Little bit about your teacher: Nathan grew up in Southern California. God radically changed and saved his life in his early 20’s. Nathan, Cheryl, and their 4 kids have pastored in some capacity ever since. Nathan is passionate about God’s kingdom and desires to grow it by all possible means and believes it begins by growing our family here at Gracepointe!



Teacher- Karen Holland.

Class- Genealogy of Jesus.

During April, May, and June, you will spend time looking at the lives of some of Jesus' ancestors. you will see how even Jesus; family wasn’t perfect, But God used them! come join us and see what you can learn about the character of God, and maybe a little about yourself.


A little bit about your teacher-

Karen is a faithful wife, mom friend and committed teacher. Karen grew up in a home that loved God. She always had her own personal faith and convictions. through this, came a passion for the Word of God, specifically for the Old Testament. Karen is very excited to share with you what God has shown her, through her study time! 

There are new Sunday School Classes starting, July 7th!

 There are options for everyone!! There is a sign up sheet on the table in the back of the sanctuary, please make sure you put your name down and join us for the next 12 weeks!

There are 4 different classes, and a childrens class, for Grades 1-6. 

We also have nursery during sunday school, so please dont let your little ones keep you from joining us! 

Teacher- Cheryl Thompson.

Class- Prayer Warriors.

In this class you will learn, Prayer is something we can complicate and then get out of the habit of doing as Christians. However, prayer is just talking to God! There is so much power in prayer. You will discover prayer and the purpose behind it. We hope you will grow your faith with us!

A Little Bit about your Teacher: Cheryl is from the Northern state of Minnesota, and you can hear it in her accent! She has a fierce passion for the Lord and the Lord’s people. She is not shy or prohibited by her in inhibitions. She has been gifted in many ways by God and sharing wisdom and teaching is just one of them! You will never not feel loved by this kind woman!

Teacher- Thane Mettling.

Class- How to study the Bible.

What you will learn in the next Three months, different ways to study, what has, and hasn’t worked well for others. And discover more ways to study!!

A little bit about your Teacher: Thane has been a part of the Gracepointe family for many years! He has also worked in the Winfield School district,first teaching and now enjoys getting to be a part of the school life, being head of testing for the Winfield Schools. He is very competent of the word, and has a unique ways of studying it!! Thane has, since his children were little, and still today more than 30 years later, gotten up earlier than he has to, just to spend time in the Word of God!  Thane and his wife Dana have raised 3 God fearing Men, and now enjoy spending time with grandchildren, Three of which are a part of Gracepointe as well!

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